The Planet Earth + Your Brand = An Exciting New Advertising Opportunity

Step up to the challenge of marketing your brand in an over crowded world. Be amongst the pioneers of a new form of advertising that's literally out of this world. Get Ground Ads™.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeDon't waste your money on old snooze advertising models, work with Ground Ads™ and we can enablerise you to join the elitist cutting edge of visionary marketing techniques - Guaranteed!

Capture the imagination of a whole new turned on audience - satellite imaging surfers!

From Google Earth to MultiMaps, marketing the ground *is* the next step in marketing technology. Be at the forefront of this revolution and see how we can help your business gain a foothold in this frontier market.

Work with our team to create a unique brand presence in a completely new arena - earth viewing. Choose a simple option such as a few roofs, a whole street or a whole field or the luxury 'Big Ad™' and create a fake reef in either the Pacific or Indian Ocean (Atlantic Ocean coming online spring 2007)

Case Study - Simple Clickable Link - Cornfield Insertion

Simple cornfield logo

Using our patented Vap-O-Link technology, we can not only display your logo or message in the earth viewing service, but create a uniquely clickable hyperlink to your site. Learn more about Vap-O-Link technology.

In the case of this client, the target field was given the Ground Ad treatment. Once the Vap-O-Link had been indexed by satellite, the clickthru traffic from earth viewing services for the client's website hit such levels that the data center which held his site burned to the ground!

"Them b*&t@rd Ground Ads w@n!3rs killed my site!"
Dio Bach


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We Deliver The Earth - You Tag It!

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